Daily Rate2020 Mozambique

Minimum number of days

Description of Safari

Price in $

21-28 Big 4 Safari 2200
21 Lion (Full bag safari)excluding elephant 2000
14 Elephant Safari (no limit on ivory size) 40000
16-18 Buffalo, Leopard and Sable Safari 1600
14 Buffalo and Leopard Safari 1500
12 Buffalo and Sable Safari 1300
14 Leopard and Sable Safari 1400
14 Leopard and plains Game Safari 1300
10 Buffalo and plains game Safari 1200
10 Sable and plains game Safari 900
7 Crocodile, Hippo and plains game Safari 1000
7 Buffalo Safari 1200
7-10 Plains game Safari 600
Observer Fees $250 per person per day; Deep Sea fishing charters can be arranged; weather
permitting, max 2 anglers at a time (please enquire)
Agents/Translators $75 per day; Transporting of Trophies for Export $300 (per client)
2×1 Safaris are $50 per day less per client than the
listed price;
Community Development Tax for Local Communities —
1 % of total hunt cost (OPTIONAL)
Professional cameraman available at $350 per day
including editing;


Fees in $


Fees in $

Elephant 15000 Livingstone Suni 1250
Lion 18000 Bushbuck Chobe 1400
Leopard 8000 Reedbuck 1100
Buffalo 1st 5000 Southern Impala 750
Buffalo 2nd 8000 Hippo (if on CITES) 4500
Sable 5000 Crocodile 4000
Eland (Livingstone) 3200 Bush Pig 650
Lichtenstein Hartebeest 3200 Water Hog 650
Nyals 3500 Grysbok 1000
Kudu 3000 Baboons 450
Waterbuck 3000 Porcupine 750
Duiker Blue 1250 Zebra (Chapmans) 3000
Duiker Red 1250 Hyena (Spotted) 1750
Duiker Grey 650 Oribi 1150

All hunts include the following: Accommodation, full board, beverages & imported wines, laundry service,
4×4 vehicle use, field preparation of trophies, skinners, trackers, registered PH & VAT.
Note: trophy fees are quoted separately.

Niassa Community Conservation fee $100 ppd (only if hunting Niassa). Air transportation to and
from, as well as around Mozambique. Clients must apply for own Visa @ $100 each, prior to arrival.
Dipping, packing, shipping & taxidermy.
Accommodation before & after contracted safari period even in the case of luggage not arriving. $300
trophy transportation costs to export agent (per client)

Please note: elephant & lion from Mozambique cannot be exported to US or EU at this stage.
Only to Mexico, Canada, South America and Russia. Regulations may change, please confirm ahead of time. A minimum of 14 days is required for an elephant hunt. A minimum of 18 days is required for a lion hunt. A minimum of 14 days is required for leopard.A minimum of 7 days is required for buffalo and 10 days is required for a sable hunt. Should you wish to take any of the other plains game we have on offer with one of the above safaris, you may do so at the cost of the trophy fee only. Lion safaris – bait animals are charged at 50% of trophy fee price and are Non-exportable. Leopard baits are primarily baboon or Common Duiker and are charged at $75 each, also Non-exportable. Any female animals shot will incur the full trophy fee of a male regardless of species and is non-exportable. 7 or 10 day buffalo hunt — you can hunt all available plains game except sable.

Hunter’s licenses and gun permits must be paid with the deposit and is non-refundable if the client cancels. CITES PERMITS – clients must apply for import permits. Mozambique issues export permits only. Elephant and leopard are the only 2 species that require a Cites import permit. Upon booking – client must provide 2 x passport photos, copy of passport, and a copy of firearm permit.
Also provide gun make, caliber, serial # and # of bullets you intend to bring with. This can be emailed. Please note, a maximum of 60 bullets per weapon only. Please ensure prior to your safari, which agent will clear your trophies and which taxidermist they will deliver to. Please be Advised to take travel insurance before traveling in case of lost luggage or weapons and loss of hunting time as Mashambanzou Safaris Lda will not be held responsible for loss of hunting time due to lost luggage or Airline delays.

All safaris to be booked and paid for at least 3 months in advance. In the event of cancellation
within 3 months of the safari date, the client will forfeit his deposit. If the hunt is cancelled
between 3-6 months of the safari date his deposit will be held for a safari at a later date at
the new rates if applicable. If the client cancels the safari more than 6 months from the safari date, he will be fully refunded all deposits. In the event that Mashambanzou Safaris Lda cancels the safari for
whatever reason, the client will be fully refunded all deposits. 50% of daily rates to be paid to secure bookings and balance paid 1 month prior to hunt. Trophy fees to be paid in cash at the end of the hunt.
1 April to 30 November is the safari season in Mozambique. Please note no travellers cheques or
VISA cards will be accepted. All balances to be paid in US dollars cash only.

Niassa Concession Community Conservation fee $100 ppd. Gun Import permit – $250 per firearm.
Unfortunately in the case of blazer rifles and other take down weapons, the extra barrels will be
Considered as extra weapons and incur the additional charge of $250 per weapon. Hunters license – $350
per hunter/per concession or multiple area license $600, this must be applied for pre safari.
Dip and pack is all handled by Emiac Lda and price list available on request. Usage of satellite telephone.
Baits for cats & pre baiting $250 per day (excl. Cost of baits). Weapon rental is available at
$30 per weapon per day and ammunition $10-$15 per round used depending on caliber. This is charged
for the duration of the safari not on how many days actually used. Air charter by small plane roughly
$900 per hour. Note these need to be booked a minimum of 2 months in advance and must be paid
in cash on the day of your flight or pre-paid by transfer. Pick up from airport and road transport to
camps at $350 and return to airport by road on completion of safari $350 per vehicle where possible.
Optional 1% tax on total safari cost for community development programs