Sable – African black pearl - 4 Days

This package allows you to hunt one of the most beautiful anthelopes of Africa – amazing black sable.

Plus you get the opportunity to shoot a white blesbuck and one impala.


One of Africa’s most impressive antelopes. It is called so because of their compact, powerful build, erect mane, thick necks, and sturdy build.



Day 1

The sable is a large antelope, standing 117–140 cm tall. Bulls weigh about 235 kg.

Day 2

The blesbok or blesbuck is an antelope endemic to South Africa.he length of their horns averages at around 38 cm. Male adult blesbok average around 70 kg; females average lower, at around 61 kg.

Day 3

The impala is a medium-sized antelope found in eastern and southern Africa.The impala reaches 70–92 centimetres (28–36 inches) at the shoulder and weighs 40–76 kg (88–168 lb). It features a glossy, reddish brown coat. The male’s slender, lyre-shaped horns are 45–92 centimetres (18–36 inches) long.

Price includes

  • 1. Full time services of a licensed and experienced PH
  • 2. Services of all camp staff, trackers and skinners
  • 3. Accomodation, all meals and soft drinks
  • 4. Laundry services
  • 5. Use of fully equiped vehicles
  • 6. Skinning and field preparation of trophies
  • 7. Road transportation
  • 8. Government hunting license
  • 9. Sight seeng in the nearby area

Price excludes

  • 1. Daily rate VAT 15% (payable on a daily rates only)
  • 2. Accomodation prior and after safari
  • 3.Personal characters or connection flights
  • 4. Trophy fees of animals bagged or wounded and lost
  • 5. Taxidermy work and shipping of the trophies to final destination
  • 6. Rifle hire
  • 7. Gratituies
  • 8. Medical expenses

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Sable – African black pearl